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Predictors Of Spiritual Health Among Health Care Workers In Tehran, Iran

Spiritual well-being is an important aspect of human�s health which harmonizes internal forces and is considered as a significant way to promote public health through giving meaning and purpose to life. Until now, predictors of Spiritual well-being have not been done. Therefore, the present study aimed to investigate the determinant factors affected on spiritual well-being among the personnel of a military academy. Materials and Method : The cross-sectional study was conducted during 2011-2012 on the staff (n=503) of a three military hospitals and personnel�s university .Participants of the study were selected through stratified random sampling. Ellison and Paloutzian's spiritual well-being scale (SWBS) was used to collect data. linear regression test was used .Data were analyzed using SPSS Ver 16. Result :Of the participants, 61.4% had a good score of Spiritual well-being and 74.2% had a good religious orientation. Most of subjects were female , married, with mild income, not traveling to Haj ritual. Among factors, Haj ritual, income, accommodation, ethics were statistically significant predictors of spiritual well-being. Conclusion: Accommodation proper salary and only first Haj ritual increased spiritual well-being.So,by doing organizational program, it can be improved spiritual well-being among staff. Therefore, it is recommended staff members be provided with in-service religious education in order to maintain and promote their health and well-being. Keywords- Religion, Medicine, Health, Health Personnel