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Do healthcare staff to follow asepsis rules?

Aim of the study: Safety is one of the most important measures to be considered in professional health care. Some survey identifies the hands of health care employees as the root cause of 20 to 40 % of the hospital infections. Purpose of study is to determine the level of compliance to the hand hygiene of asepsis rules. Method: In this study qualitative (observation) and quantitative (questionnaire) research techniques were used together. 50 healthcare staff in public hospital (nurses) were surveyed and observed to collect data. The data is analyzed using SPSS program. Results: As a result of the study %70 percent of healthcare staff do not wash hands before contacting the patient. %10 percent of the healthcare staff do not wash their hands after contacting the patients. The level of compliance does not differ significantly according to the level of education and experience. As a reason of low level of compliance to hand hygiene rule before contacting the patients are determined to be lack of adequate facilities (lack of lavatory and locations far from nurse desk etc.), high work load and habits. Keywords- Asepsis rules, hand hygiene, Standard Precautions,