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Study Of Relationship Between Career Plateau And Employees’ Work Attitudes

Today, employees are faced with the constant increase in job duties at work, while more time spent on this work. So be aware plateau managers identify and control occupational plateau creating a positive work attitude of employees while implementing the strategy, the proper direction for the organization's objectives. The population consisted of 111 patients Customs employee of Kerman province. Two questionnaires were used to collect data: questionnaires of plateau occupational plateau and work attitudes questionnaire. To examine the hypotheses, Spearman, Kendall's Tau-b tests is used. Results showed that the inertia of occupational plateau and work attitudes and all its components are inversely related. The general conclusions show that the specific type of employee jobs are at risk of occupational plateau inertia effect, hence the need to accurately identify them by their organization's managers. This would further increase the efficiency of human resources, and reducing occupational plateau inertia and create positive work attitudes among employees. Keywords: Work attitudes, Career plateau, Structural (hierarchical) plateauing and content (job content) plateauing.