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A Study On The Effects Of Characteristics Of Sharing Economics And Characteristics Of Mobile Payment And Perceived Risks On Reuse Intention: Focusing On Car Sharing Industry

The sharing economy refers a type of economic transaction where the products once produced and sold are exchanged, shard, and leased commercially, and leading the change of paradigm in consumer culture by environment protection and resource recycling. The most of previous studies on sharing economy were mainly conceptual or case ones, and in empirical studies, most were on measurement of efficacy and effect of sharing economical service. The purpose of this study was, focusing on car sharing, a rapidly growing industry in sharing economy, to investigate the characteristics of mobile payment that is widely used in using car sharing, and perceived risks by users, and determined the effects of these characteristics on emotional feeling and reuse intention of users. This study also was to provide practical implications to car sharing companies based on the results of this study. . Keywords - Car-sharing service, Characteristics of Mobile Payment. Perceived risk, Emotion, Reuse intention