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Modeling of Building Energy Efficiency Based on Green Rating Systems in Subtropical Climate

In the recent years, sustainable buildings are highly focused. Especially the initial decisions during the design and preconstruction stages be requested as soon as possible. Thus the prediction of energy consumption in buildings is in demanding. This research work is aim to analysis the efficacy of building materials and building orientation based on energy use evaluation in subtropical climates. This research modeled the performance of efficient strategy on the similar non-residential buildings, located in the climate of Taiwan. In order to clarify the essential concern in building design in subtropics with warm-humid zones, rainfall and high humidity, alternative version has been simulated with same building located in different subtropics country, Vietnam. For comparison, baseline building is constructed from reinforced concrete, steel, cement, etc. Improved version of same building with efficient material and modified orientation they are Re-material and Re-orientation models. The energy use of the buildings were simulated by using Revit software and found that efficient modeling can save from 7% to 15% energy using. Cooling load plays a more vital part in Vietnam, whereas heating load is a bit more concerned in Taiwan. Each model located in Taiwan needs to be enhance 2.8 times their efficiency to achieve the same performance level of green building rating system in Vietnam based on two evaluation criteria: Taiwan- EEWH (Ecological/Energy saving/Waste reduction/Health) and Vietnam- LOTUS. Index Terms - Energy efficiency, green rating system, simulation modeling, subtropical climate