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Research on Meteorological Diversity Scenery and Tourist Preferences in Yangmingshan National Park in Taiwan

The meteorological diversity scenery of Yangmingshan National Park in Taiwan, characterized by lively colors and lights, varied climate conditions and dynamic changes, and outshining that of urban parks in terms of vitality and attractiveness, is its most important tourism resource and the most critical environmental component of its natural ecosystem. The research on tourism meteorological diversity scenery is especially relevant as the devastating impact of abnormal climate changes resulting from fluctuations in the balance of the earth's thermal radiation in recent years has become an inevitable reality confronting the entire globe. In this paper, the existing tourism meteorological resources in Yangmingshan National Park are taken as the research object. Based on the literature research on the cause of formation and type classification of the meteorological diversity scenery, this paper discusses the ways of constructing the landscape from the perspective of the gestalt perception theory and applies the questionnaire law and statistical correlation coefficient test method to quantify the tourist's landscape preferences and tourist expectation, and further elaborate from the tourists perspective on cognitive factors and experiential needs of the meteorological diversity scenery, It is proposed that 1. the existing meteorological diversity scenery resources in Yangmingshan National Park can be classified by four aspects of vision, state, perception and influence; 2. Meteorological diversity scenery enhances the scenic aesthetics and value in the park by direct, indirect and concealed scenery composition; 3. Tourists have clear preference and great touring expectation for the diversified and special meteorological diversity scenery. This study can serve as the basis for the development of thematic tourist products of meteorological diversity scenery by the relevant administrative departments. Under the premise of ecological conservation, the study can strengthen the advantages of natural resources for tourism in parks and maximize the recreational value. Index Terms - Climate change; Meteorological diversity scenery; Tourists’ preference; Tourism resource