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Evaluating Recovery Process of Neurological Disorder using Ankle-Worn Accelerometers

In this study, a gait analysis system for monitoring a patient’s recovery process is proposed. The proposed gait analysis system consists of two ankle-worn accelerometers for obtaining gait signals and an android application for providing the analyzed results. To evaluate the proposed system, experiments were conducted on 20 subjects using our developed devices that are attached on the subject’s both ankles. The obtained data are preprocessed with low-pass filter and moving average filter for eliminating noises. Then, the vertical components and energy values were measured to analyze gait signals. From the level of correlation between the energy values of each foot, the recovery progress is estimated. In general, correlation value of an unhealthy subject is lower than that of a healthy subject. The experimental results were shown with the correlation values. The proposed gait analyzing system can provide the recovery progress of patients after surgery. Index Terms - Accelerometer, gait, neurological disorder, recovery process.