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Efficiency Tests of Rotary Tiller and Power Harrow

Rotary tiller and power harrow are tillage tools. They are mainly used to pulverize soil so as to obtain suitable soil clod size for planting. This test was to compare working efficiency of rotary tiller and power harrow. The field tests were conducted in three clay loam soil plots with difference in moisture contents. It was found that both rotary tiller and harrow power generated negative draft and their ratios to working widths were not significantly different. The recorded signal showed that the draft of rotary tiller was more fluctuate than that of power harrow. The vertical force was negative for rotary tiller but positive for power harrow. No significant difference was found in soil pulverizations for both mean clod sizes and standard deviations of clod sizes. Keywords- Draft, Power Harrow, Rotary Tiller, Soil Preparation, Soil Pulverization.