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Performance Test of A Combination Tillage Tool

A combination tillage tool consisted of a subsoiler and a rotary harrow was tested under actual field conditions. The soil type at the experimental site was loam with the moisture content of 11.69% (db) and cone penetration resistance of 2.54 MPa. The field tests of the combination tillage tool were conducted to investigate the effects of forward speed (1.89 and 2.78 km/h) and the rotational speed of rotary harrow (323 and 598 rpm) on the performance. Significant increase in drawbar pull was observed with an increase of forward speed. Total power was significantly affected by the forward speed and rotational speed of the rotary harrow. Comparative analysis with separately working of the subsoiler and the rotary harrow (firstly by subsoiler and secondary by rotary harrow) showed that the combined tillage tool used less drawbar pull than a summary of separate works up to 17.37% when operated at the rotational speed of 598 rpm and forward speed of 1.89 km/h. The combined tillage tool was able to reduce the wheel slip by at least 34.00-50.66% in all cases compared to a similarly configured subsoiler alone. The energy required for seedbed preparation also reduced when using combination tillage tool. Keywords- Combination tillage tool, Drawbar pull, Rotary harrow, Subsoiler, and Total power.