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Swell Measurements of Natural and Remoulded Clays From a Semiarid Region

Engineers in the geotechnical practice tend to simulate the natural conditions and introduce scenarios when studying the behavior of subsurface soil supporting structures. For expansive soils the conditions may be different and the subsoil behavior is linked to the time, fabric, mineralogy and the swelling potential. This study is aimed at proper evaluation of risk associated with swell over a given time. For this purposed swelling clays from four different regions from Saudi Arabia were tested for the swell at their natural conditions and at a remoulded state. The level of swell variation at different surcharge load was investigated. Changes and differences resulting from the fabric nature, density and time were examined. The maximum clay void ratio for each type of clay is reported for possible and practical loading conditions. Recommendations for correcting swell values obtained using undisturbed soil samples are presented. Index Terms - Swell, clay, mineralogy, geotechnical practice.