Paper Title
Socio Economic and Psychological Exploitation of Migrants in Middle East

The paper entitled “Socioeconomic and psychological exploitation of Migrants in the Middle East” focuses on mass migration which is not a new phenomenon in human history. The people migrated from one place to another due to many reasons, e.g. better life opportunities, prosperous, healthy lives with satisfying basic needs. This study focuses on issues and challenges faced by the emigrants in their destination countries, that's how the labor class is exploited and used by the bourgeoisie class for their own profits and benefits. It is a qualitative anthropological study, data collected through anthropological research methods with major emphasis on In-depth interviews, case studies and focus group discussions (FGDs). This study was conducted in the two villages Zulam and Shagokas in District Dir Lower, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. Apart from the above, the focus of this article is on the issues and exploitation of labour migrants, which they faced during the recruiting process and also the way they are exploited in the destination countries in the name of Kafala, Tanazol system etc. Index Terms - Migration, Exploitation, labour, Middle East, Kafala and Tanazol System.