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Gender Differences in Language Use: Study on Crowd funding Projects

In the last two decades, a new source of financing called crowdfunding has been introduced to allow a project founder to raise fund from crowd to support their projects. Prior research has pointed to a number of factors that may influence the fund raising projects—duration, target goal, rate of donation or pledging and quality of the projects. There is, however, one other important factor which is style of language use that contributes in raising fund, has hardly been discussed. This paper describes an investigation of the differences in language use by male and female in crowdfunding projects. 60 crowdfunding projects are subjected to LIWC analysis, and these linguistic data areanalysed. The results show that female and male do not merely focus on the differences of word categories, but also focus on the language dimensions. Furthermore, this study identifies what kind of processes relating to female and male text language. Index Terms - Crowd funding, gender, language.