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Characteristics of Medical Writing in English for Specific Purposes

It is a widely shared opinion that the English language nowadays has taken a special place in the communication among the professionals of different countries. It is also a well known fact that “Writing for Professional Purposes” as part of the language learning process is a complex task and that among the four skills to be acquired in a foreign language, it is the most difficult one to learn and master, since writing in a second language requires both syntactic and semantic knowledge of the second language from the writer. For writing is considered to be closely related to the social and cultural aspects, the writer has to consider too many things like the style, the grammatical structure, the format and the lexical resource. The article with the title “Characteristics of Medical Writing in English for Specific Purposes” is closely related to the study of English Medical Writing and its teaching in professional linguistic contexts. It describes some key features of medical writing as part of Writing for Specific Purposes. It will also discuss how medical writing was considered at its beginnings, how it evolved and how it was taught through years. Like in all types of professional writing, medical writing is characterized from the use of professional terminology, medical jargon and the use of unfamiliar words in twisting grammatical sentence structure Keywords - Medical Writing, ESP, Writing for Professional Purposes, Linguistic contexts, Second Language