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Selendank: Educative Game to Prevent Child Sexual Abuse

Child sexual abuse is increasing in Indonesia, particularly in Bogor. In 2016 Bogor was awarded as pilot project of child friendly city by Ministry of Women Empowerment and Child Protection, but at the beginning of 2017 the city of Bogor indicated as red zone of child sexual abuse. By seeing this problem this research uses a media in the form of preventive and educative game. Children will have more fun by doing something cheerful. Playing game can be a media to educate children indirectly in terms of children sexual abuse and SELENDANK is the right solution of it. SELENDANK (Snakes and Ladder Education Game for Kids) is a game with the giant game board, and colorful design where the children act as the active player. The object of this game is elementary students. The easy sexual education materials are packed in the form of card in each square, and children are being accompanied by adults in reading the materials. The feature of treasure in some squares makes the game more dynamic. This paper uses study literature starts from collecting data on children sexual abuse generally and particularly, uses questionnaire as the instruments to measure the children’s knowledge of sexual education, and the discussion of data processing as the evaluation of the game. The results of this study is positive and indicates the increasing of knowledge about sexual education. Index Terms - Child, Game, SELENDANK, Sexual Abuse