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Relationship Between Mental Health With Managerial Skills At Sports Managers And Experts Of Iran

The main purpose of present research is to determine the relationship between mental health with managerial skills at sports managers and experts� of Iran. From objective point of view, the present research type is operational and from strategic point of view is correlational which is performed in the form of field study. Statistical population of this research concludes sport managers and experts of Iran. The sample was consisting of 112 people from population of research. The method of sampling in this research was accidental of clustering. Research tool consist of two questionnaires: Goldberg and Hiller mental health questionnaire (1979), Afshari managerial skills questionnaire (2011). I order to describe research variables, from descriptive statistic indexes has been used. In addition, to determine the relationship between mental health with managerial skills and among with their components, Pierson correlational coefficient was used. Results showed that there is no significant relationship between sport managers and experts� mental health of Iran and managerial skills and its components. And also there is no meaningful relationship between managerial skills and component of sport managers and experts� technical and human proficiencies and their organizational effectiveness, but there is a meaningful correlation between their cognitive proficiencies and organizational effectiveness. Key words- Mental health, managerial skills, effectiveness, sport managers and experts