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Exploring The Effective Factors For Heritage Tourism In Southern Taiwan

Customers would consider a lot of factors that could influence their behavioral intention such as, experiential value, image, quality, culture, satisfaction, and so on when deciding to proceed a heritage tourism. The present research explored how the effective factors influence travelers to proceed a heritage tourism. Three hundred respondents in Tainan were randomly surveyed to gather data. The findings stated that heritage tourism is perfect for people, especially for people who have higher annual income, higher education, and been older. Moreover, experiential value has significantly positive relation with traveler’s behavioral intension. Heritage buildings have very especial, historic and famous characteristics to attract people to visit or recommend. Cultural activities related to heritages attract more positive behavioral intentions. In addition, the price of heritage ticket, preservation of heritage, diversity of historic relics, and neatness of the environment, all have very important influence to satisfaction of a heritage tourism. However, the improvement in the legislation of preserving heritage, managing vendors efficiently, and marketing strategies, and designing more creative and particular souvenirs are suggested. Keywords – Heritage Tourism, Experiential Value, Image, Quality, Culture, Satisfaction, Behavioral Intention