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Examining The Factors Of Trusting Beliefs In Web Service Provider: A Study Of Consumer-To-Consumer E-Commerce In Thailand

This research aims to examine the factors of trusting beliefs in web service provider toward the adoption of consumer-to-consumer e-commerce (through the discussion forum website). The research is primarily conducted based on theoretical discussions regarding the relationship between trust constructs i.e. disposition to trust and trusting beliefs. An exploratory sequential design generalized qualitative findings and also non-probability sampling technique was applied by using online survey to collect 800 samples who experienced online purchase on discussion forum website. The results indicated that disposition to trust (individual-based trust) has positive relationship with trusting beliefs in web service provider (trust in specific person), while trusting beliefs in e-vendor plays a supporting role in enhancing the relationship between e-buyers� disposition to trust and trusting beliefs in web service provider. Moreover, different prior online purchasing experiences of e-buyers appear to be the significant factor changing the degree of e-buyers� trust. The more trust the e-buyers have the more purchase intention they have on the website. This research play a small but significant role in e-commerce business development. Keywords- e-trust, disposition to trust, trusting beliefs, prior online experience.