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Adoption of Mobile Technology: An Exploratory Study in an Emerging Higher Education (HE) Market

The higher education market is shifting from the traditional methods of building reputation such as service quality, internationalization, accreditation, communication activities etc. to focusing on the students’ experience as a main differentiation tool in the higher education market. This paper focused on studying the students’ adoption of the mobile technology service in higher education and their perceptions of its impact on the students’ experience. The research main objective is to develop a conceptual model that investigate the learning experience factors that influence the adoption of mobile technology in the Egyptian higher education as an example of an emerging market. The conceptual model was developed based on intensive literature review as well as an exploratory research. It was clear that relative advantage, complexity, compatibility, perceived price level and perceived playfulness have a dominant role in influencing students’ adoption of mobile technology in higher education. The results reflect the significant direct relation between the perception of the students to the learning environment and the university adoption of recent educational technology such as the Mobile technology. The implications of the research focus on enhancing the teaching techniques in order to create a learning environment focusing on technology and creativity. The empirical recommendations could help decision makers in the higher education sector to work on enhancing the students’ experience. Keywords - Higher education, Mobile technology, Diffusion, Innovation adoption, Emerging market, Egypt higher education market