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Marketing Communications Strategies to Enhance the Effectiveness of Sports Business in Thai League 2

The aims of this study were to study the current marketing communications strategies that had an effect on the communication process. This was a qualitative research in the area of sports marketing. The population of this study included all marketing employees who worked in the sports business. The focus group included 17 management levels who worked in the field of sport business in Thai League 2. The research tools included an in-depth interview, participative observation, and descriptive analysis. The finding reveals that in the early stage, football clubs in Thai League II do not set the goals and objectives of their marketing communication strategies. The club lacks of knowledgeable staffs. The club focuses on preparing the team to compete and improve the stadium to meet standards. Later, many clubs have adjusted their marketing strategies by using marketing communication tools which the most popular are advertising, public relations, publicity, community relations, atmosphere, licensing, social media network and display. A study of how sports spectators and sports enthusiasts behave have made the club better understand the target audience and as a way to formulate a unified integrated marketing communication strategy more effectively. Keyword: Communication, Marketing, Strategies