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Guidelines for Health Promotion Operation of Sport Schools

The concept of health promoting sport school extends the role of sport beyond the promotion and provision of Opportunities for physical activity .The behaviors were compared and correlated with exercise. This research is aimed to study the state of health operations and to present the guidelines for health promotion and operation in sport schools Municipality. The research was conducted in two stages 1) Studying the state of health promotion and operation in the schools from the sample of 200 administrators and teachers selected by simple random sampling according to the proportion of samples. The research tool used was a 5-point rating scale questionnaire of which the reliability was 0.91. The statistics used were: percentage, mean and standard deviation. 2) Presenting the guidelines for health promotion and operations of the schools by way of focused group discussions and content analysis. The results showed that majority of the subjects took exercise for health. The subjects showed their exercise knowledge, exercise attitudes and exercise behaviors at good level. As a whole, the state of health promotion and operation the schools was at a moderate level, top ranking by the aspect of school policy. Second to that was school health education, whereas environment management (which is conducive to health) in schools was the lowest. Keywords - Health Promotion And Operation/ Knowledge/ Attitude/ Exercise/ Guidelines