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Model of The Industrial Technologist Performance

The purpose of this research was to investigate the causes of workplace accidents. The sample size was 83 persons. The questionnaire was divided into 3 parts: personal, behavioural and occupational. The questionnaire is a checklist and a rating scale. The results showed that the working behaviour of the employees was at a good level (x ̅= 3.64, S.D. = 0.74). The most commonly used machine age was the more than three years, of which 64 were 77.10 percent breakdown per week. The respondents used the highest number of abortions, i.e., one to three times a week, of 44, 53.00%. The machines that the respondents are currently working on are defective - most of the defects are one to three times a day, 42 people, representing 50.60 percent. The machine that the respondents are currently working on has the most protective cover. 58 cards are covered, accounting for 69.90%. The pre-maintenance (PM) period was found. The machines that respondents currently work are doing. PM is the most frequent PM is 67, 80.70 percent. Keywords - Model ofIndustrial,Technology Performance