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Caos Tradition in Keraton-Keraton Cirebon

modern civilization characterized by the development of information technology did not affect the change of civilization of traditionalist farmers in west java. They are still faithful to run the tradition of caos in keraton-keraton in cirebon. The royal palace is keraton kanoman and keraton kacirebonan. The palace is a royal artifact of the past that still stands in the province of west java - indonesia. Actually keraton kanoman , karaton kacirebonan and keraton kasepuhan come from the same kingdom that is keraton pakungwati. The founder of this kingdom is sunan gunung djati which is one of the spreaders of islam in java island. The kingdom was established since the 13th century and the traditions of the past are still held in the palaces. One of them is the tradition of caos, the tradition of meeting the farming community with the king. The peasants handed over their crops or money to the king to get the king's prayers so that their farms would get the blessing from god. This tradition is an ancient tradition that is still going on in the modern age. The purpose of this paper is to know the meaning of farmers doing the tradition of the caos. The method used is with husserl's phenomenology research method. The results show that modern age has no influence on farmers' beliefs on the role of kings and the palace for increasing agricultural production Keywords - CAOS Tradision, Keraton