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The Triple Arts of Rattanakos in: The Heritage of Suan Sunandha Royal County

Rattanakosin Kingdom is the fourth dynasty of Siam. After 15 years of Burmese – Siamese War, it was founded in 1782 with the establishment of Bangkok as the capital city. Since the reign of King Rama I; the first monarch of the reigning house of Chakri Dynasty of Siam, Thai traditional art was inherited from the earlier Kingdom. Until, the reign of King Rama V, The European Art was spread throughout of Asia and takes influent to Thai traditional arts. Not only, but also effected to the arts and culture in Suan Sunandha Royal County. The Triple Arts of Rattanakosin is a department under the supervision of Suan Sunandha Rajabhat University, with its response to promote arts and culture that occur in Suan Sunandha Royal County. The role of academic service served for educational institutions and communities. There are 3 types of Thai art have been exhibited in this bureau: 1. Thai traditional Music Art: the evolution of Thai music since the first King of Rattanakosin period, Hologram technical presentation for The Master of Thai musician, virtual reality media with visual and sound. 2. Thai traditional Fine Art: the multimedia presentation of visual art since King Rama VI; watercolor paintings of The Royal Patronage student, oil painting portrait of The Royal Family. 3. Thai traditional Dancing Art: touch screen computer has been installed for self learning; window display of performing art costume, Ramayana masks and head dressing. Keywords - Rattanakosin Kingdom, Rattanakosin Arts, Chakri Dynasty, Suan Sunandha Royal County.