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The Development Of Online Learning With A Self-Learning Process In Topic Creating Electronic Books

Learning with online lessons is a learning with itself through the internet. Learners will learn according to their abilities and interests. The content of the lesson will be presented in the multimedia format and it is delivered to the learner through the web browser. Therefore, anyone can learn online lessons anytime and anywhere. In this research on topic the online lesson development with the self-learning process of creating electronic books. The objectives were 1) to develop the online lesson with the self-learning process on topic creating electronic books in order to meet with efficiency standard of 80/80. 2) to study the learning achievement. 3) to study the durability of the learning of the sample after learning with the online lessons created over a week ago and four weeks ago.The populations were 2nd year 180 students from 6 disciplines in Faculty of Education at Suan Sunandha Rajaphat University. The sample groups were 30 students who study the majors in mathematics of Faculty of Education at Suan Sunandha Rajaphat University. Samples were acquired by cluster sampling. The statistics used for data collection were the mean, standard deviation and t-test. The results of the study were as: 1) the efficiency of the online lesson was 85.89 / 83.78 that higher than the criteria at 80/80 2) the achievement after learned with online lesson higher than before learned was significantly at .05. 3) After the samples have completed to learn with the online lesson then discarded for one week then tested again. It found the learning retention was 5.22% lower, which was less than 10%and discarded for four week tested again. It found the learning retention was 13.89% lower, which was less than 20%. Show that the samples are durable in learning with online lessons created. Keywords - Online lessons,self-learning, Electronic Books