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Design and Development A Serious Board Game to Engage Students in Reflecting Daily Eating Habits

The positive impact of game-based learning on enhancing students’ motivation was evidenced in numerous empirical studies. Games could provide students with joyful learning environment; however, it does not necessarily lead to students’ learning. Therefore, further exploration of how games could enhance learning will contribute to research and practice in game-based learning. This study aims to develop a serious board game, grounded on the philosophy of constructivsm, to engage students in reflecting daily eating habits. 14 university students were invited to play the game.Survey as well as interview were conducted to collect their experience in the game. The results indicated that participants were engaged in interacting with the food knowledge and with peers. The results also supported the joyful learning experience, which made learning fun. Recommendation for future research were provided. Keywords - Game-based Learning, A Serious Board Game Design.