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Crime and Punishment: A Case Study

Criminology is a science that deals with crime and criminals, and divided into two major elements i.e., the mental and physical. It is certainly said that in the presence of some intention, knowledge or rashness usually necessary for committing a crime. The combined mental and physical effort of crime is termed as Mens Rea (guilt mind) and Actus Reus (guilt act), respectively. The punishment concept is a practical application and draws a picture of reforms and rehabilitation of offender. The justification of punishment in a society needs to maintain the proper social order. Punishment is necessary when the powers of the authority is abused or violating and justified the involvement of both deontological as well as its consequential considerations. In this case study, we draw an outline between crime and punishment and its possible consequential in a society. This paper also discuss the basic characteristics of relationship between two laws (Islamic and western) and politics Index Terms - Crime, offender, Punishment, rehabilitation, society