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Home Automation Application Using EEG Sensor

Internet of Things (IoT) has various applications in our daily life from a fully automated Smart Building, to a simple Smartphone application that records the users health information. IoT is the driving force for rapid development of human life transforming it to be more intelligent, productive and organized. It sheds the light on creative and different methods of transferring, combining and conversion of different types of knowledge as users interact and practice them, thus allowing developers and hobbyists to create novel applications. The aim of this paper is to introduce a novel approach to a system, which controls simple electrical appliances such as a water kettle or a coffee machine, depending on the users attention values measured using NeuroSky MindWave Mobile EEG sensor. This novel approach of controlling simple home appliances is not only a technological advancement in the area of IoT, it can be scaled to serve multiple purposes including the one proposed here to provide better assistant for disabled people, such that it breaks the barriers for the disabled people and allows them work their way around the house freely.