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Influence Of Dietary Natural Antioxidant And Antimicrobial Effective Feed Additives On The Oxidative Stability And Microbiological Property Of Meat

It is well known that nutrition strategies play a significant role in increasing quality in animal production. Meat quality is inversely proportional to microbial population. It is known that microbial population increases directly proportional to prolonged storage. Antibiotics have been used extensively for this purpose in animal nutrition for many years. However, upon the reveal of their detrimental effects on human health, their incorporation into feed rations has been prohibited. Thus, vitamin and herbal products (extract, oil and powder) have started to be used as feed additives and as an alternative to antibiotics. Furthermore, the deterioration of the oxydative stability in the meat negatively affects the quality of the meat. It is known that the supplementation of rations with natural antioxidant and antimicrobial effective feed additives induces positive effects on meat quality (microbiological property, oxidative stability) and shelf life. Keywords - Feed additives, microbiological property, nutrition strategies, oxidative stability