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The Capacity Building Strategy Of Village Government In Indonesia

The problem of lateness in village development has an effect on the poverty rate and the disparity of socio-economic between city and village, which closely related to the capacity level of village government. The study describes the capacity of village government in Indonesia along with the capacity building strategies.This research is qualitative in nature. The researcherconducted interviews between two parties: the village government and the village community, which represented by the Village Consultative Body and Community Empowerment Institutions.The result of this research shows that village government capacity in Indonesia is not strong enough due to the incompetence of the village government and its supporting organizations in carrying out the village governance and also the dependence of village finance on central or regional government. Some of the capacity building strategies of village government are strengthening the village government and its supporting institutions,improving the public servicequality,and involving the role of related stakeholders from either government, universities or NGOs in terms of policies, resources or technical assistance. The research is expected to provide input for village development and also can be a value-added to the development of public sector management field especially in village government organizations. Keywords - Capacity Building Strategy; Village Government; Village Development