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The Effect of a Blended Learning Strategy Based on Enrichment Activities on Improving English Grammar and Self-Efficacy Towards English

The purpose of this study was to investigate the impact of a blended learning strategy based on enrichment activities on improving English grammar at diploma level and if it leads to self-efficacy improvement towards English. The sample consists of 28 students; 14 experimental and 14 control .The method used in the study was the Quasi Experimental Design, while the instruments of the study were Demographic Questionnaire, Self-efficacy scale and Achievement test. Findings indicate that students proposed to the strategy performed significantly better than the students who did not. There are significant statistical differences at the level (α<= 0.05) in achievement test in favor of the experimental group. On average, the students’ self-efficacy towards English was higher in the experimental group than those in control group due to instruction method. The study concluded that an exploitation of opportunities for English enrichment activities would definitely enhance proficiency in English grammar. Keywords - Blended learning, Enrichment Activities, Self-Efficacy, and Achievement.