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Narration of Social Education of‘Harvesting Coconuts’dong Ho Painting In Axiology Perspective

Dong Ho folk woodcut painting is a typical traditional work art of Vietnam, which contains many Asian philosophy and social education lessions – the lessons of lifetime.Harvesting Coconutsis one of famous Dong Ho folk woodcut paintings in Vietnamese society. In stead of understanding the traditional way of the Harvesting Coconuts painting, this paper is aimed to search for the core of philosophy meanings of artin order togain more useful social educated methodsabout sexuality. The multidiscipline method is used in this paper, including the approach of cultural study of art, semiotics theory of Roland Barthes and the philosophy of Vietnamese folk art. The painting of Harversting Coconut is a polite, elegant social lessons of the way of reproduction next generation from Vietnamese ancestor to our younger generation with the specific systems of symbols. Index terms - Dong Ho folk woodcut painting, folklore, Harvesting Coconut, social education, symbols, cultural study, Vietnamese traditional folk art,and semiotics.