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Needs Assessment Of Administrators’ School Leadership In Monastic School, Myanmar

The purpose of this study is to identify and analyze the current and expected situation of administrators’ school leadership in monastic schools, Myanmar and to propose suggestion to develop in the future. This study focused on monastic school with modern education system. Two styles of administrators’ school leadership, instructional leadership and transformational leadership are employed as the model of administrators’ school leadership. Modified Priority Needs Index (PNImodified) for needs assessment is employed to get the needs between the current and expected situation with an emphasis on eight components; five components for instructional leadership and three components for transformational leadership. After that, an informal interview method is used to get suggestion for the development in the future. The findings of quantitative part revealed that (1) The most critical needs of instructional school leadership is monitoring and accessing the teaching process and ranks as the first priority, followed by staff development, and creating and developing the school climate, (2) The most critical needs of transformational school leadership was initiation of change with first rank need, followed by the institualization of change and implementation of change. The interview’s result proposes suggestions that the authorities should consider in those needs which quantitative result expressed. Keywords- Needs Assessment, Administrators’ School Leadership, Monastic School