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Factors Affecting ICT Adoption By SMES In Swaziland

Advances in Information Communication Technology (ICT) have changed the way of doing business in many industries, including Small Medium Enterprises (SMEs) . The purpose of this study is to explore the key factors that influence ICT adoption on Small Medium Enterprises. SMEs play a major role in developing and developed economies. Literature shows that there are many factors that affect ICT adoption by SMEs. A quantitative research design was used for data analyses through a questionnaire to collect data from 100 SME owners. The study identified eight key factors to ICT adoption which are (1) the need of networking, 2) improve communication within and outside the organization, 3) reduce cost and to save time, 4) improve customer service, 5) increase the ability to compete, 6) meet the demand of ICT usage by customers, 7) meet the demand of ICT usage by suppliers, and 8) improve productivity. Much has been written about the importance of ICT particularly on how the use of the ICT by SMEs is growing. Educating the SMEs about affordances of ICT determines whether or not the SMEs will benefit from new technology. Index Terms—Adoption, Information Communication Technology and Small Medium Enterprises.