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Mini-Trampoline Exercises: A Leisure Activity for Fasting Plasma Glucose and Body Mass Index in Sedentary Non-Insulin Dependent Type 2 Diabetics

Exercises on a mini-trampoline are used for recreation but these exercises also provide physiological and health benefits. This study explored these exercises for fasting plasma glucose (FPG) and body mass index (BMI) for sedentary type 2 diabetics (T2D). Ninety T2D were randomized equally into an exercise group who engaged in mini-trampoline jumping 3 times a week for 20-30 minutes over 6 weeks and a control who watched television or listened to music. Baseline FPG and BMI were recorded pre-and post-intervention. Exercise and Glucose Metabolism in Persons with Diabetes Mellitus: Perspectives on the Role for Continuous Glucose Monitoring There were no significant differences between groups at baseline with compliance for mini-trampoline exercises being 93% (n=42) and post-4weeks there was a significant improvement (P<0.05) in mean FPG (9.44 to 7.05mmol/L) and BMI (26.5 to 26.0 kg/m2) in the rebound exercise group with heart, respiratory and blood pressure rates increasing without any adverse reactions. Mini-trampoline exercises can be used as a leisure activity to improve FPG and BMI in T2D. Keywords - Body mass index; Exercise; Fasting plasma glucose; Type 2 diabetes