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Trend of Management Accounting Technology

Industries in accounting field developed according to business sustainability issues such as globalization, size, technology advancement (Azudin, A., &Mansor, N., 2017)encourage thechange from computerised accounting to accounting information, development of internet technology in corporate accounting activities (Zhou, Z, 2017), market competition, changes in management and constraint in capital funding. This article based on supportive information regarding management accounting field objectives and development according to technology changes. Information technology has impact the production methods and lifestyles of society. Traditional accounting will be combined accounting technology and form new trend to accounting for corporate. For example, a corporate management accounting is refers to the financial department. For support the whole corporate business accounting has to use electronic computer applications software to complete the accounting data and management salary in the financial department. The main purpose of management accounting is analysis, decision making process in modern world, improve the working environment and upgrade the quality of management level. This reduces the operating costs and capital cost, balance the cash flow rate and lead to the maximisation profit of an organisation. Advance technology in financial management will supportive do financial analysis research to learn company performance and develop the accounting forecasting, preparation of financial planning steps and strong accounting control. Collect raw data from accounting data from sales and production department, labour and personnel management, voucher preparation, books and statements and other business details. Established usage of cost estimation model and contingent perspective (Otley, D., 2016) in inventory of accounting data and economic and observe the financial movement, providing managers scientific supervision control in decision making in stock investment management, equipment, project investment management and profit distribution.