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Challenges and Prospects in Waste Management in Indian Health Care Supply Chains

Organizations from almost every sector are adopting various strategies to gain advantage in this competitive era. Implementation of superior waste management strategy is being considered as one such strategy by the health care establishments. Health care wastes act as the sources of several life threatening communicable diseases and pose serious threat to the environment as these have the potential to pollute land, water and air. These wastes are generated by the health care units during while they are rendering services to the patients. With the growing need for health care services due to changing lifestyles and increasing pollution levels, the volume and complexities associated with these waste are also increasing. Awareness level of the general public is gradually increasing regarding the infectious and hazardous nature of the health care waste and associated complications. Consequently, pressure is surmounting on health care establishments to manage their wastes properly. In this regard this research that explores various health care waste issues, practices adopted, and benefits received as well as challenges faced by Indian health care units, will help the decision makers to formulate suitable strategies to better manage these factors and enhance their performance in waste management that will put them in an advantageous position in comparison to their competitors. Index Terms - Health Care Wastes (HCW), Barriers ofWaste Management, Enablers of HCWM, Analytic Hierarchy Process(AHP)