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Proposing Quality of Life Model among Flood Victims at the East Coast Region of Malaysia

The analysis from previous studies found that the low of quality of life (QoL) in the Temporary Transfer Center (TFTC) cause of lack of facilities provided and facing with a lot of management issues including exposing to dangerous diseases cause by water pollution during flood event. Normally, number of studies show that research regarding to QoL more focusing on four major domains, namely physical health, mental health, social support and environment. In order to improve flood victims living condition at TFTC, this research attention to proposing spirituality into QoL model. By using IBM SPSS AMOS, the results indicates that proposing QoL Model among Flood Victims at TFTC consist with physical health, mental health, social support, and environment and together with spirituality was proven in good fit. This study was using Confirmatory Factor Analysis (CFA), CFI, TLI, and RMSEA values in order to confirm the model in good fit. According to CFA, only 4 items spirituality elements remain and focusing on inner spirituality such as believing on fate, flood disaster as a test in their life, and believe there wisdom behind what happens. Keywords - Quality of life, temporary flood transfer center, flood victims, confirmatory factor analysis, spirituality, environment, mental health, social support, & physical health.