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A Study of The Criticality of Line Management Experience of The Top Hr Executives in The Overall Delivery of His/Her Services of The Human Resources Function

In the organizations, the need for an effective HR has increased owing to the changing demands of the organization. The rapid changes in market demands, product categories, customers’ tastes, competitors’ strategies, economic environment and technology requires the organizations to be more flexible. Previous research has been done on the role of line Managers in HRM. This is a cross-sectional study on the HR Executives. This research shows how the experience of line management and business contributes to the overall delivery of an HR Executive. This is based on Primary Data and Secondary Data. Delphi technique has been used for this research. In this research it has been found that prior experience of managing business processes such as sales or operations contribute significantly to the overall performance of the executives of Human Resource Department. This experience enables the HR employees to better understand the business and the demands of the internal managers who are the customers of HR. The findings are based on information obtained through interviews of top level executives in HR and from the exposure to HR Function in a multinational telecommunication company. The findings will help the academicians to understand what helps to improve the performance of the Top Executives of HR. The research will provide insights to practitioners by letting them understand how to provide better HR services to the employees and thereby improve the overall effectiveness and efficiency of the business. Overall it will help improve the productivity of the Organizations in the society. Index Terms- Line Management, Delivery of service, Human Resource Function, Effectiveness