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A Development Kit for Augmented Reality Applications in Healthcare

Due to the continuous advancements in augmented reality (AR) technologies, new possibilities in the healthcare domains arise. The aim of this work is to generate new aspects of usability and interaction, allowing new ideas for various health based applications to develop. Despite the different challenges, successful applications have made it into the hands of patients. Nevertheless, developers tend to depend on different AR frameworks for their applications. This paper presents the concept of creating an AR development kit that is driven by the requirements and specifications based on healthcare needs. The proposed development kit enables a combination between the needed healthcare functionalities along with the standard process of creating AR applications. The ultimate goal is to provide developers with an easy and user-friendly modular framework that allows the immediate and straightforward functionality integration on demand and the enablement to create optimized, portable and efficient healthcare AR applications. Index Terms— Augmented Reality; Development Kit, Interactive Framework; Microsoft HoloLens; Healthcare; AR Applications Development; AR Framework Design; Therapy Lens