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Big Data Challenges and Opportunities in Distance Education

Education has had a great deal of importance at every stage of our civilization. Along with the developing technology, some changes have occurred in our training methods and approaches. Independent training opportunities for time and space were provided with distance education method.Learning management systems are used to implement this education method.These management systems use large-sized files such as virtual classroom videos, presentation documents, course contents to provide better education for students and more interactive training.However the storage and managing of these large file sizes is becoming difficult day by day.At this stage, the concept of big data, which is frequently studied in the literature, is occurred.Unfortunately, conventional solutions are not suitable for processing and storing large data.For this reason, NoSQL database management systems have been developed and are becoming increasingly popular.In this study, it has been tried to examine and evaluate large data management and NoSQL database management systems in learning management systems.Some suggestions and points to pay attention to are given as a result of the study. Keywords: Distance Learning, Big Data, NoSQL, MongoDB.