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Optimizing Family Health Nurse for Overcome Older Age Disease By Using Homecare24 Smart Technology Application

Background and objectives: Phenomenon of elderly’s disorder in urban area is neglected and tent to be masked by other physically complain (Miller, 2012), the impact is increased mortality. Nevertheless, number of caregiver either from family or professional nurse based on survey estimate are about 44 million (one in 5 adults). This opportunity guides to the good solution which involving family health nurses to be part of solving the issues. Methods: Descriptive survey research method is used during the observation within interviews to family as user and nurse as service provider. Results: 137 clients in family are treated by Homecare24, most of them are suffered physical health problems. The majority of patients is elderly with the need for recoveries, physical and psychological assistance. The number of nurse particularly family health nurses. Interpretation and conclusion: Family is allowed to pick out nurse according to their need by using the mobile application. This program will be developed to enhance the role of family and synergy with elements that exist in the community and it is expected in order to overcome the occurrence of elderly disorder by involving family and nurses. Keywords - Homecare24, Smart Technology Application, Family Health Nurse