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Epistomological Approach to Determining The Satisfaction of Supervisory, Disproptions and Asymmetries for The Development of Rural Areas

The article is devoted to the substantiation of expediency of the use of the epistemological approach to the definition of the essence of contradictions, disproportions and asymmetries in the development of rural areas in terms of obtaining true true knowledge. The specificity of the epistemological approach is analyzed. Modern economics is considered as an all-encompassing process and is always associated with contradictions, disproportions, and asymmetries in the development of society. In this context, it is crucial to get real true knowledge, to form a system of values, which will facilitate the development of a mechanism for the sustainable development of rural areas and the preservation of their vital resources, as well as the effectiveness of the leading mechanisms of correction (positive disintegration and secondary integration), from an understanding of the differences between subjective integration and its objective disintegration, and from the possibilities of helping the subject to objectively integrate it at a higher level of development. On this basis, it will be possible for any rural areas to identify in a timely manner the contradictions, disproportions and development asymmetries, which activity is right, rather than trying to more effectively perform predefined and known operations. Keywords- epistemological approach, rural area, contradictions, disproportions, asymmetries of development