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Ethical Implications of Collecting Brown Envelope By Nigerian Journalists

Over the years, ethical issues revolving around acceptance of brown envelope by many Nigerian journalists have continued to attract endless discussion among media stake holders. Methodologically, this study relied on relevant literatures on the prevalence of brown envelope syndrome in the Nigerian media environment.On the basis of many studies and an increasing number of media commentaries aim at addressing the menace; this study reveals that brown envelope collection in Nigeria is always on the increase and has since found a permanent place to stay. The paper also unveils how brown envelope collection is militating against objectivity, balance and fairness, accuracy, and credible reporting, which necessitates condemnations from various scholars.The dominant reason for accepting brown envelope by many journalists in Nigeria has to do with poor salary. However,stripping brown envelope from all sorts of technicalities and excuses, it is morally wrong for journalists to demand for or accept brown envelope in order to suppress important facts and information. As such, this study admonishes media practitioners to observe the tenets of social responsibility theory as a foundation for their journalistic practice. The recommendations offered in this piece will also help a lot in curbing the ethical implications of collecting brown envelope by Nigerian journalists. Index Terms: Brown envelope, Ethical implication, Journalism, Media, Objectivity