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Middle and Senior Level Administrators’ Perfectionist Attitudes in the Kitchen on Hotel Industry

Service starts with the guest’s entrance to the hotel to provide its services and covers all the time spent at the hotel. During this time, the guest interacts directly or indirectly with employees of different departments. The section where the guests are most influenced and interacted is the food and beverage section. It is known that the understanding of the service of this department which has the hardest working staff in the accommodation industries directly affects the quality of the service and customer satisfaction. The study tried to evaluate the perfectionist attitudes of the employees in the kitchen department of five star accommodation management in the Alanya Tourism Zone with Hewitt and Flett's "Multidimensional Perfectionism Scale". The study was conducted with 314 participants. The relationship between employees' demographic characteristics and perfectionist attitudes has been tried to be measured. Keywords - Perfectionism, Kitchen, Hotel Industries.