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Model Policy of Waste Management in Improving Environmental and Based Community Quality

One of the greatest challenges experienced by developing countries is the emergence of environmental problems that can not be separated from economic development. This can be illustrated in the relationship between the increase in population and the increasing tarap of community life on the one hand can support economic growth and on the other hand can also lead to a decline in development The problem of waste management is one aspect of development that is very important and requires the involvement between government, business / private, colleges and the general public. While the formulation of the problem of how the policy and the concept of waste management in urban areas, How to solve the problem of waste in the community in the city of Depok, What obstacles that cause the management and processing of waste in the city of Depok has not run well. The method that will be used in this research is using qualitative descriptive research method and passed by through stages, that is mapping of local waste treatment policy, evaluating the processing of garbage area. One of the goals of local government is to minimize waste. While the targets achieved from this research is the model of waste management dilaksaakan by local government of Depok city can realize a clean life, environmentally friendly and organized waste processing and improve the economy of society. The resulting model of research, in order to be implemented in accordance with the mandate of the respective regional regulations and impact on waste reduction and economic improvement of the community. Keywords: local policy, waste processing, economic improvement of society, domestic waste pollution, evaluation of local waste.