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Lipid Profile of Bulgarian Soybean Varieties and Improvement of Organogenesis in Vitro – Towards Nutraceutical Production

Comparative analysis of fatty acid profiles of methanolic extracts of soybean seed samples of six cultivars was done. Seven fatty acidswere detected, among them the unsaturated linoleic acid (C18:2) was the most abundant. Lipid profiles of cultivar “Rosa” was determined as the most complex. The experiments in vitro were directed towards examination of the effect of organic sediment substances from the deep layers of the Black sea bottom (BOS) using tobacco and soybean apex and segment cultures. BOS supplemented to media stimulated organogenesis and callus growth in both cultures of Nicotiana and Glycine. Results are promising for establishment of efficient schemes for vigorous development and growth of long-term cultures to be used in biotransformation for nutraceutical production. Index Terms - Lipids, Nutraceuticals, Organogenesis in Vitro, Soybean