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Students of NCTB Curriculum Grow as Better Writers Than Speakers After Passing The Secondary Level: Bangladesh Perspective

This study investigates the problems of teaching/learning English in secondary level institutions following the NCTB curriculum where students are not grown as good speakers rather they become good writers. It also tries to find out the limitations prevailing in practicing English in daily communication inside and outside the classroom. The paper also focuses on the reservation from the side of the authority. With a view to tracing out the challenges, the data have been collected through the research instruments, like survey questionnaires and classroom observations. The result of the investigation shows the striking reasons, like lack of logistic and administrative facilities, proper teaching techniques, lake of practice and lack of supportive environment behind the inefficiency of being the fluent speaker in English of the students who have already completed their secondary education from NCTB curriculum. Finally it suggests some measures to overcome the problems so that students can be both good writers and good speakers. Keywords - NCTB Curriculum, Learning English, Secondary Level, Logistic Facilities, Lack of Practice