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The Strategic Business Model For Big C Supermarket In Vietnam

The study is constructed with two main parts: theoretical framework and empirical section. The theoretical part represents the common growth strategies in business management, which are Ansoff growth matrix, BCG matrix, and Mckinsey’s three horizons of growth and integrative growth strategies. However, the strategies have weak points and limitations, which are also mentioned in this part. As a result of analysing carefully, the author chose the most suitable one – Mckinsey’s three horizons of growth - to apply to the case company later on. The empirical part includes case company analysis, the competition among main retailers and strategy suggestion for the case company. Throughout the study, different tools are applied including SWOT analysis and Porter’s five forces. Finally, the author suggests a suitable strategic model for the case company’s competition and recommends some necessary actions the company should take to gain more share in the Vietnamese market. Keywords - supermarket, retail market, Big C Vietnam, growth strategy.