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Module of Al-Quran Memorization According to 30 Minute A Day

This researcher have taken an initiative to make a study related to the module of Al-Quran memorization according to the capability and period based on a few Institute Tahfiz Quran in Malaysia. The study was conducted on 47 tahfiz students studying at the three Tahfiz institutes. To analyse the study, the researchers had committed observation, interviews and questionnaires as measuring instruments. The data obtained were processed using version 17.0 SPSS program (Statistical Package for Social Science) and analysed using descriptive statistics. The results of the finding showed that 1/3 of the memorization process is a suitable time to be used for the process of memorizing a new verse; while another 2/3 of the process is the time to repeat the memorization of old verses. With 30 minutes a day, someone who has a very good memory takes about five years to remember the whole Quran. Meanwhile, someone who has a very poor memory will require 23 years, 10 months and five days to remember the whole Quran. Keywords- Memorization, al-Quran, Module, Methodology, Ability