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A Software Defined Based Network Infrastructure for The Smart Grid

The Smart Grid (SG) which has been known as a big evolution in the traditional power network, provides different applications and services such as: Advance Metering Infrastructure (AMI), Demand Side Management (DSM), Electric Vehicles (EV), Distributed Automation (DA) and Energy Management Systems (EMS). Each applications has unique traffic patterns and needs different certain amount of Quality of Service (QoS). Software Defined Networking (SDN) is a major trend in the telecommunication industry today. In the SDN, the control and data planes in each network equipment (NE) is separated and logically centralized. In this case, each NE just forwards the traffic and enforces policy according to instructions received from the controller. In this paper we present a SDN based communication infrastructure to manage and control different traffic flows in the smart grid, centrally Keywords - Smart Grid; Software Defined Networking; Virtualization